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title: truth
pairing: baekhyun/kai, baekhyun/sehun, sehun/kai
rating: r
genre: drama, romance
word count: 2,300
disclaimer: dont own exo this story is fiction etc
notes: my self-proclaimed muse cocacola insists on a dedication idk i guess i dedicate this to her then :)

"don't fall in love with me. it's just that, well, people tend to fall in love with me. i don't know what it is exactly but the past three assistants i've had, I've had to fire because they couldn't keep their emotions in check."

baekhyun rolls his eyes in disgust. the arrogance, the narcissism, the nonchalant attitude that says, 'i don't want, i take'. he makes a silent vow then and there to be the last assistant jongin ever hires.

jongin isn't as bad as baekhyun initially thinks. he finds out that even though kai is arrogant and narcissistic, he has a puppy named laio that he never goes a day without spoiling. he learns jongin only has a small circle of friends that he would die for. jongin never goes a day without coffee and instead of having baekhyun run out to get him a cup, he joins him every morning in the cafe. they don’t always talk, sometimes jongin grins as he looks at his phone, sometimes he runs through the local paper, not really reading but busying himself. baekhyun watches him sip coffee, his dark fringe always falling into his eyes and full lips fresh with gloss. baekhyun notices he has a habit of chewing his lips when he’s nervous and flexing his long fingers when he’s anxious.

“so if you think you can abide by that one very simple rule, i’d just like to say your resume looks great and you look nice enough so do you want the job or not?”

one evening when jongin is too drunk to drive home baekhyun takes his keys and puts an arm over his shoulder, throwing him into the back seat of his lexus and taking the wheel. he drives to jongin’s house and pushes open the door, jongin’s breath hot and irritating against his neck as he tries to navigate his way around the large apartment.

“right is on the room.” jongin grumbles, lips pressed to his ears and baekhyun has to bite back a grin at the drunken slur as he finds his room near the end of the hall on the right.

he drops jongin on the bed with a heavy thud and heads back out, stumbling until he finds the kitchen. filling a glass with water, he walks back to the room to see jongin splayed across the bed with a bit of drool leaking from his mouth. he sits the tall glass on the nightstand next to the bed and pushes jongin’s shoulder, earning a soft grunt.

“hey, don’t forget you have to be at the offices before 7 tomorrow. i’ll be here at 6.”

jongin grunts again and baekhyun turns to leave when he feels a hand grasp his wrist pulling him back towards the bed. his adjusted to the dark, he’s barely able to make out jongin’s round eyes as he whispers, “stay.”

“i can’t.”

“it’s not a request. you’re my assistant and you have to do what i say.” jongin raises his eyebrows in petulance. “stay.”

baekhyun finds it a little strange but after looking at the clock and seeing the time already past three, he decides to crawl in bed, putting as much space as possible between him and jongin and tucking an arm under the white pillow. he stills when he suddenly feels a strong arm wrap around his waist and a firm body press against his back, jongin’s face burying itself in his neck and inhaling deeply. baekhyun lays like that for at least fifteen more minutes until he feels jongin’s body relax against his and he hears the faint sound of snoring. he lets out a breath he doesn’t realise he’s holding and closes his eyes, willing his body to rest.

baekhyun wakes up to the sound of his phone ringing, sehun’s face appearing on the lcd screen before hitting ignore and jumping out of bed with last night’s events still fresh in his mind. jongin’s already awake, a smug expression on his face and his hands folded behind his head, “is that your boyfriend?”

“what?” baekhyun looks at the clock. nearly seven. they should’ve been out the door twenty minutes ago. “yes.”

“we’re late.”

“your boyfriend’s hot.”

baekhyun clicks a button turning the screen black, ignoring jongin’s comment and the pang of jealousy.

baekhyun escorts jongin through airport security and they sit next to each other, jongin immediately opening his back pack to grab his blanket he takes with him on every flight and a bottle of water to sit on his lap. he curses under his breath when he realises he left his pillow at home.

“looking for something?”

baekhyun shoves the pillow in his face and jongin’s surprised expression quickly turns to one of gratitude as he laughs and takes it. baekhyun watches him, head pressed to the window with the pillow supporting his neck and his eyes closing slowly.

“why do you wear that stupid beanie all the time?”

“what?” baekhyun self-consciously tugs the brown beanie around his ears, his thick curly hair sticking out from every end.

baekhyun watches jongin perform on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans and he thinks he’s never seen such refined passion. it’s beautiful. the way his body moves to the music, his dark hair damp against his forehead, and his nose crinkling, lips curving upward as he tilts his head toward someone in the audience giving a wink. baekhyun laughs when he pulls at his shirt flashing a bit of skin and cocking his hips to the right before making a heart with his hands and turning to the leave the stage.

baekhyun feels his heart thud in his chest as their eyes meet and jongin’s rushing toward him, his hands suddenly on his waist as he presses his forehead against his, chest drenched in sweat and heaving, lips wet and teeth bared. jongin’s hands come up before baekhyun can stop him, fingers tugging on the brown beanie, pulling the wool over his eyes and baekhyun nearly stumbles backward as he’s pushed lightly to the side unable to see. he feels his stomach flip when he feels a breathy laugh in his ear, “it’s so cute”.

he quickly pulls the material back up just in time to catch jongin continuing past him down the hall and turning back to look at him once more before entering his dressing room.

“how long have you and your boyfriend been together?”

“three years.” baekhyun drinks his coffee slowly, savoring the only moment of silence he’ll have this day. two interviews, one photo shoot, and one concert and the days seem to blend together. he watches jongin flip through the paper. the weariness in his eyes and the sag in his shoulders don’t go unnoticed. neither does that nagging feeling that he can’t remember the last time he felt so worried for someone.

“you care more about that job more than me.” sehun whines.

“i don’t care about anything more than you.”

sehun tugs baekhyun to his chest as they stand on the bridge overlooking the small pond. baekhyun sighs and tries not to think about the way jongin’s chest feels compared to sehun’s.

“you didn’t tell me i was working with your boyfriend next month.”

baekhyun stills. “you are?”

“yeah. don’t you read my work schedule?” jongin stands from his chair in the dressing room and walks straight into baekhyun’s space, breath close enough to feel and finger pressed to his chest as a grin pulls at those decadent lips before whispering, “you’re supposed to be taking care of me.”

jongin announces he wants baekhyun to tag along for his little drinking bender that evening and baekhyun readily agrees. he spends most of his evening watching jongin grind with anyone (everyone) willing on the dancefloor, knocking back drink after drink until the grinding turns more into a ploy for the nearest stranger to carry him out of the club before anyone sees. luckily baekhyun does.

when they arrive back at the apartment baekhyun takes off his jacket and grabs a bottled water from the fridge like routine. he knows jongin will ask him to stay. it’s happened now on several occasions and baekhyun’s gotten to the point where he’d be disappointed if he didn’t. to the point where he looks forward to these drunken nights because it always ends like this. jongin’s chest to pressed to his back and his steady breathing in his ear, the rhythm of his heartbeat curving his lips upward and when he wakes he could swear he’s never felt so rested. he eats every word, every nagging thought that comes to his mind. the most prominent one being, “don’t fall in love with me.”

“why are you looking at me like that?”

“like what?”

jongin squints over his coffee and baekhyun tries not to squirm under his gaze.

now baekhyun watches jongin's lips slide across his boyfriend's, his fingers pull at belt loops and his legs part his thighs. he watches sehun's head fall back, eyes closed and lips parted, skin flushed and soft moans escaping his throat as he's pushed into the wall. baekhyun doesn’t say anything from behind the bathroom door in the dressing room. he’d heard sehun and jongin nearly slam the door shut, heavy breathing and the sound of make-up clanging against tile flooring. baekhyun watches from the bathroom, door opened just slightly enough to glimpse across the room.

sehun pushes back against jongin until he’s sitting on the nearest vanity, hands clawing at the hem of his shirt, pulling up and over his head as jongin’s legs wrap around his waist moaning at the hard heat he feels through the thick layers of denim. baekhyun suddenly looks down at his hand, shaking, and seemingly frozen on the doorknob, he knows his cheeks are red and burning and he knows he should do something, stop this. announce his presence. punch sehun in the face because- and baekhyun stops his train of thought because he knows there’s more than one reason and it’s not right. but when his eyes flicker back up his breath catches in his throat and his heart stops as his eyes are met with jongin’s, sehun thrusting inside him so hard the vanity shakes, his moans so loud he’s sure the staff outside can hear. but jongin’s eyes don’t move from his in the mirror and feels the heat in his stomach tighten when he licks his lips, lids heavy and fringe damp with sweat. he watches jongin’s lips twist upwardly sadistically and hates himself for never wanting someone more in his life.

“the coffee tastes really good this morning.”

baekhyun doesn’t respond.

“don’t you think?”

he meets jongin’s eyes and the memories from last night hit him like a ton of bricks. jongin’s eyes reflect nothing, as if it’s just another day. as if he hadn’t just fucked his boyfriend of three years while he watched.

“it’s great.” baekhyun smiles and attempts to feign ignorance just as easily.

“i told you not to fall in love with me.”

baekhyun grabs the bottled water in the fridge and walks back to jongin’s bedroom, setting it in it’s place before turning and feeling the familiar tug on his rest.

“you’ve got a lot of nerve.”

“it doesn’t mean he loves you any less. you guys have probably already made up, haven’t you?” jongin deadpans still meeting resistance when he tries to pull him closer.

“of course. we were never exclusive. and how can you compare one lousy fuck to three years of the best sex you’ve ever had?”

jongin rolls his eyes, “is that what he told you?”

“no offense but i was there, remember? all you did was stand in front of a mirror.”

jongin sits up in bed with his tongue in his cheek, “i wasn’t exactly trying.” jongin looks him over, his gaze suddenly turning seductive. “i can prove it to you if you don’t believe me.”

baekhyun laughs, tearing his wrist from jongin’s grip and rolling his neck from side to side in agitation. he sighs as he climbs into the bed, lying on his back and propping himself up on his shoulders, “do you take anything seriously?”

“my entire life’s a charade.” jongin says quietly. “people see what they want to see. it gets boring and i have to keep them guessing.”

“i see you and i’m not bored.”

jongin looks down at him for a moment, his brows knit in slight concentration, before he leans down and presses his lips over baekhyun’s. it’s not passionate or full of heat, nothing like baekhyun had imagined their first kiss to be. it’s chaste and jongin’s lips are dry and his breath smells of alcohol but baekhyun doesn’t mind. it feels right somehow, warm and honest.

baekhyun pulls back first, resting his head against the soft pillow with eyes closed and whispers, “you really shouldn’t have done that.”

jongin doesn’t respond, just tucks himself against baekhyun, arm tight around his waist and neck buried in his shoulder. baekhyun feels himself sink a little further.
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