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she has the moronic beauty of youth, but she's sly.

human carnival
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This community is run by laurent. It's not updated regularly, but I do my best to update when possible, and update with as much as possible. None of the entries are locked, so if you only want to watch, you won't be missing anything, but if you want join to show your support you're more than welcome to! You can find me on youtube here and on tumblr here. Credit is good, and comments are even better. In addition to icons, I post my fanmixes, picspams, and fanfiction. ALL POSTS ARE PUBLIC.I don't even know where to start with rescources. I'm going to have to link to my memories after I've made them public. For right now I'm going to do the best I can and if you find something of yours I'm using and haven't credited you for, please send me a message and I will have you added asap.

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Things you might find in this community can range from television to music to kpop. I like a lot of things. Avid fan of music and asian culture, Skins, Misfits, and Britney Spears. I love literature and have just began writing fan fiction for the kpop fandom, mostly Super Junior. You're guaranteed to stumble upon it at some point. I like a variety of movies too, but I don't find myself making icons of them too often.The programs I use to create art are essential to life. I need them like I need air. They are Adobe Photoshotp CS/Elements, WinDVD, LeapFTP, and iTunes. These are all vital to a girl's success in graphic art. I've provided some links below if you want to check out and/or download some of these creations of awesome.

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