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fanfic: drabbles

kris/lay; pg -- inspired by

Wufan jogs down the staircase, bringing a hand to his earpiece and readjusting the small plastic so the bass feels just a little louder. The stairway from the sixth floor to the fourth is dim with fluorescent lighting and he might be a little creeped out if it weren't for taking this route for nearly six months now. It's the shortest way from personal skills training to dance (his least favorite class) and he likes to take the stairs. It's away from the rest of the trainees who insist on making small talk in the elevator, and anyway he likes to listen to one song before continuing with the rest of his day full of memorization, choreography, and tedious techniques; a short reprieve.

Wufan is staring down at his iPod and nearly trips over the person walking right into him from the opposite direction. Startled, he pulls out his ear buds and glances down to see a boy a few inches shorter than him on the step below him, he's peering up with dark brown eyes and inky brown hair that falls just short of his eyelashes. Wufan hasn't seen him before but judging from the grey tank top and sweat dripping down his neck that's traveling slowly down the valley of his chest, he must be a trainee escaping dance class. Wufan licks his lips and mumbles an apology but when the boy doesn't move or even acknowledge his apology his brows furrow.

"Wow." The dancer breathes, his voice is low but the silence in the stairway makes it easy for Wufan to make out what it is he says.

Wufan's lips quirk up as he continues to look at him puzzled, "Sorry?"

The brunette blinks, suddenly shaking his head as if clearing his thoughts before he clears his throat.

"Nothing." The boy pushes past Wufan, bowing slightly, stammering his own apology and then taking the steps two at a time and not looking back. Wufan cranes his neck, his eyes following him for a brief moment before scratching the back of his neck, and left wondering his name.

kris/chanyeol; pg -- inspired by this

Chanyeol sits in the uncomfortable theatre velvet chair, squirming and impatient as the MC announces winner after winner. It's been nearly an hour now and he's becoming restless. How long were these award ceremonies supposed to last? He glances at Kyungsoo next to him and tries not to let his eyes wander past him to the person he really wants to see. Wufan sits at the opposite end of the long row of seats, at least 5 or 6 people between them. What was this stupid seating arrangement anyway? He's about to put it in the back of his mind and bring his attention back to the MC when he notices Yixing lean over Junmyeon to whisper something Kris' ear. Chanyeol feels his face heat up and a pout form on his lips when Junmyeon stands and Yixing takes the seat next to Kris instead. Wufan leans into Yixing's neck, a soft grin on his face as if sharing a secret only they would know.

He feels a sharp elbow in his ribs and turns to scowl at Kyungsoo who only ignores him. Chanyeol bites the inside of his cheek, turning back to the MC again and straightening up. What the hell was so special about Yixing that Wufan had to be near him at every event? What the hell was so funny about Yixing that every time Chanyeol saw the two together Wufan had that smile on his face, the one that showed his perfect teeth and pink gums? Finally, the manager pulls Sehun aside and one by one they filter backstage to prepare for their performance. Chanyeol immediately finds Wufan once backstage, changed into their stage attire he tugs on his arm, pulling him close and putting on the best pout he think he can manage.

"Sit with me after the performance."

Wufan's brows form a sharp angle but there's a soft smile on his lips, "Okay."

Chanyeol responds with a wide grin and a bounce to his step as he moves into position coming out from behind the curtain, a staff member taking him by the arm and dragging him along. Chanyeol looks over his shoulder and yells, "I want to be with you when you win!" the staff member pulls particularly hard this time and Chanyeol nearly trips over his own feet before kneeling down with the rest of the group already in formation. He looks to his left to find Wufan hidden by the thick curtains from the audience, laughing with perfect white teeth and light pink gums as he shakes his head, probably at his own audacity but that's okay, Chanyeol thinks, he doesn't need to be cocky to know their brothers will win.

After the stage, Chanyeol follows Wufan back to the row of chairs buried in the audience, his hands clutching the expensive tail ends of Wufan's coat as if afraid Yixing will somehow spot them and try to cut in between, which is ridiculous and irrational, Chanyeol knows, but just in case. When they find their seats, Chanyeol takes the one next to Wufan and his face splits into a smile so big he can feel his left eye doing that thing where he kind of can't see out of it momentarily, and he's been told it's unattractive many times but he can't help it because Wufan is smiling back and his arm is brushing against his and the first person he's going to look at when he wins his first award is going to be him. After years of sitting in practice rooms, rhyming and sometimes, even attempting (and mostly failing) beat boxing, one of their shared dreams is about to be realized. Chanyeol remembers sitting next to him in the old doorms, scrawling down ridiculous lyrics, Wufan leaning over his shoulder, making suggestions, some words earning him a light punch on the arm. He remembers lying in bed next to Wufan, trying to nail different tongue twisters so many times he'd trip over sentences when he actually had something real to say (or maybe it was Wufan's deep laughter in the side of his neck and the arm thrown around his waist that had him stuttering).


Chanyeol glances up and sees Yixing looking lost, he swallows and for a second he wonders if Wufan is actually going to make him move back to his original seat. His heart clenches at the thought and he's not sure why. Wufan stands suddenly and Chanyeol watches with wide eyes as he leans toward Yixing, pointing at an empty seat on the opposite end of the aisle. Relief washes over Chanyeol and he tries to hide a small smile of victory as Yixing heads in that direction and Wufan takes back his seat next to him, grinning reassuringly and placing a hand on his knee.

Chanyeol feels the sudden urge to grab Wufan's hand, lace their fingers together, this is mine, he thinks, ours. But instead he stares at the side of his best friend's face, watching his expression change from barely composed anticipation to shock and then sheer contentment at the announcement of their win. Chanyeol watches all of this, his hands batting Wufan's shoulders in excitement and glee as Wufan stands, bringing the other members into hugs and small hand handshakes. Chanyeol finds his legs and stands and Wufan looks straight into his eyes before wrapping an arm around his waist, pulling him close, and smiling into his neck. Chanyeol doesn't have to hear his thoughts to know what he's thinking. We did it.
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